FAQ – Coronavirus

FAQ: Coronavirus
Q: I need to find a doctor or hospital, where can I go? Call the number on your ID card or go online to the insurance company website
Q: I haven’t received my insurance bill, or I need to pay my insurance bill, what do I do? Call the number on your ID card or go online to pay your bill.
Q: I need a Quote for an insurance policy, how can I get one? Please email us at quotes@bushandassociates.net or call (828) 754-2601 and include your Name, Contact Info, Type of Coverage, Age, Smoker or Non-Smoker with your quote request
Q: I need help with a Claims issue, what do I do? Please contact the place where you received the bill or expect to receive a bill and make sure they filed your claim. Next contact your insurance company by phone or online to get your EOB (Explanation of Benefits)
Q: I just have a general question, can you help me? Please email us at service@bushandassociates.net or call us at (828) 754-2601 and leave a message
Thanks and be safe and well!
~Bush and Associates

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