Taking a Trip out of the country? Will you be covered?

In most cases, if you travel out of the US your medical insurance may or may not work if you should be so unfortunate as to get sick while you’re on your trip. (It’s happened to me twice!) And Medicare definitely stops at the border! Plus, if you’re spending a lot on you’re trip, what happens if you don’t get to go for some unforeseen reason – if you cannot get a refund then will you just simply forfeit everything you spent on it?

Did you know, you can get a travel medical and/or trip coverage for a very affordable amount? Click here for a free, online quote: https://producer.imglobal.com/international-insurance-plans.aspx?imgac=136041 or call us today at (828) 754-2601 or Text 828-493-5821 and we can run quotes for you. You can email us at quotes@bushandassociates.net Make sure you’re covered when you travel!

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