Think Local!

Have you ever watched a TV commercial or maybe read an ad in a magazine and thought what a great insurance product? Or maybe you got a letter or flyer in the mail. Perhaps, someone gave you a call from an 800 # in or out of state. And while the product might be wonderful no matter how or where you purchase it, did you give any thought to the service you could need later?

When it comes to your insurance needs, it’s important to look for an Agent who can and will help you with your product(s). Usually you cannot get service on a product with someone who is not the original Agent. What if you have questions? What if you need assistance? Do you want to hang on an 800 # all day? Do you want to send an email to an Agent out of state and hope they answer it?

Because we at Bush and Associates are local, we take care to provide you with the information you need when purchasing a policy. We have served the insurance needs of Caldwell Co and surrounding counties for over 40 years! We have the knowledge to answer your questions and we gladly provide complimentary service to all of our policyholders.

Give us a call at (828) 754-2601, Text 828-493-5821, or email Or you can sit across the desk from us by stopping by our office at 916 Wilkesboro Blvd. in Lenoir. Get in touch with us today!

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