What do you need for Individual Health insurance right now?  – FAQ

  1. If you are losing Health insurance (group, Medicaid, coming off a parent’s plan, etc.) then you need to know the exact day you are losing your coverage.
  2. What is your household size?
  3. What is your household income?
  4. How long might you need coverage – temporarily or for several months/years? If you are looking for a Temporary policy would you be able to qualify medically for it?  (Note:  ACA plans do not underwrite or ask health questions; whereas Short-term Health plans do ask health questions and underwrite)
  5. If you haven’t lost current health coverage (as described in #1), have you had another qualifying event to get it such as moving (zip codes, states, counties), change in marital status, etc.?
  6. What type of coverage are you most interested in – catastrophic or something with medical copays or a prescription drug card?
  7. Do you need to cover yourself only, or do you have dependents to cover?
  8. What medications do you take, if any?
  9. What doctors or hospitals do you use, if any?
  10. What is your monthly budget you can afford to pay?

These are some things that can help you get a more accurate quote for health insurance in a timely manner.  We can deliver your quotes Contact Free via Phone, Email, Online, Mail or with Curbside service.  Our quotes are always free, with no obligation.

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