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If you need Health Insurance and missed Annual Enrollment, you may still qualify for a plan. You can qualify with a Special Enrollment such as loss of employer group coverage, pregnancy, marriage, divorce, moving, and in certain circumstances income. If you do not have a special enrollment situation, you may be eligible for Short-term Health. Get in touch with us today for more information and/or your free, no obligation, quote! Call (828) 754-2601, Text 828-493-5821, or email

What Medical Cards do you carry in your Wallet?

When you’re cleaning, don’t forget to clean out your wallet! This is where you probably carry your critical medical cards and maybe an insurance card or two. Perhaps, you even carry the business card of your insurance agent as well.

Do you know which cards to keep? Do you know which cards to carry with you?

If you have retired and are no longer on a group plan through work or even an individual health plan, once that plan ends you don’t need to carry it around with you. You should hang onto it, though, in case you need to refer to the ID number again for some reason.

If you have a Medicare card, make sure you have the new one that does not use your social security number on it. If you don’t have the new one, then call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 for a replacement card. You will want to carry your Medicare card with you. Be sure to carry the most current one if you had to order a replacement card. Then if you have an insurance product to go along with your Medicare, be sure to carry that with you as well. And, if you have an insurance agent, be sure to keep their business card with you in case you need service for your policy or have a question.

If you are on a Group health plan, or an Individual Health plan then you will want to carry that ID card with you. Plus, if you have Dental or Vision, then carry that card too.

Carrying the correct information in your wallet can make it easier for you to access healthcare services easier. The most current cards help make sure your claims are filed more efficiently.

Taking a little time to organize your insurance papers in a folder or notebook at home too is also a good idea. Be sure to clean out your wallet as well!

Think Local!

Have you ever watched a TV commercial or maybe read an ad in a magazine and thought what a great insurance product? Or maybe you got a letter or flyer in the mail. Perhaps, someone gave you a call from an 800 # in or out of state. And while the product might be wonderful no matter how or where you purchase it, did you give any thought to the service you could need later?

When it comes to your insurance needs, it’s important to look for an Agent who can and will help you with your product(s). Usually you cannot get service on a product with someone who is not the original Agent. What if you have questions? What if you need assistance? Do you want to hang on an 800 # all day? Do you want to send an email to an Agent out of state and hope they answer it?

Because we at Bush and Associates are local, we take care to provide you with the information you need when purchasing a policy. We have served the insurance needs of Caldwell Co and surrounding counties for over 40 years! We have the knowledge to answer your questions and we gladly provide complimentary service to all of our policyholders.

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Taking a Trip out of the country? Will you be covered?

In most cases, if you travel out of the US your medical insurance may or may not work if you should be so unfortunate as to get sick while you’re on your trip. (It’s happened to me twice!) And Medicare definitely stops at the border! Plus, if you’re spending a lot on you’re trip, what happens if you don’t get to go for some unforeseen reason – if you cannot get a refund then will you just simply forfeit everything you spent on it?

Did you know, you can get a travel medical and/or trip coverage for a very affordable amount? Click here for a free, online quote: or call us today at (828) 754-2601 or Text 828-493-5821 and we can run quotes for you. You can email us at Make sure you’re covered when you travel!

Understanding Your Medicare A&B Options

If you are new to Medicare A&B or already have it, do you understand your options?  One of the most important times of year to make changes is Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) which is from Oct 15th– Dec 7th.  During this time, Medicare beneficiaries can add, drop or switch plans.  Medicare health plans as well as Prescription Drug Plans (Part D or PDP) can change in services, costs and of course coverages.  The AEP is a good time to look over your existing plan (if applicable) and/or compare other options.

When looking at Medicare Advantage plans, consider provider network and the prescription formulary.  Whatever product choice you make, you will want your current doctor to accept the plan you choose.  A prescription formulary is a list of prescriptions covered by that PDP or Part D plan.  You will want to make sure your current medications are covered in the formulary of any plan you choose with prescription drug coverage.  In most cases, in this area your prescription drug coverage must come through the Medicare Advantage plan if that’s the type of plan you choose.  These plans, including stand alone PDP plans, are rated each year based on quality and performance.

Another choice is the Medicare Supplement policy which are sometimes referred to as Medigap plans.  Original Medicare has gaps in coverage so a Medicare Supplement plan can help to pay some of the costs that aren’t covered.  You can then add an optional stand alone PDP to go along with your Medicare Supplement plan.  There is no network for a Medicare Supplement plan but you will want to make sure your Provider accepts Medicare.  Any stand-alone Prescription Drug plan will provide coverage based on benefits and will also use a prescription formulary as well.  If your income is limited you may qualify for Extra Help on your PDP plan’s cost and benefits. 

Did you know Medicare Supplement plans, with most companies, can be changed any time of year?  This is not the case with Medicare Advantage or Part D plans where you can generally only make changes during AEP, Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment (Jan 1 – Mar 31), or with a Special Enrollment situation.

Whether you are getting ready to go on Medicare A&B soon, or if you are already on it and have a policy(ies) to go with it, it’s best to start researching your choices early.  You will want to make sure you get the plan with the benefits and services that are best for you.

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There’s a new Health Insurance Marketplace Special Enrollment Period for Low-Income Consumers

The Marketplace has just put into place a new Health Insurance Special Enrollment
Period (SEP) for low-income consumers who are at or below 150% of the Federal
Poverty Level (FPL).

The Federal Poverty Level is approximately $19,000 for an individual, $26,000 for
a family of two, $32,000 for a family of three, and $39,000 for a family of four. The
Federal Poverty Level for income at or below 150% varies by state and household

Using this new SEP, if you fit this eligibility you may enroll in a Marketplace
plan. It’s possible for those with existing policies to possibly change their
plan as well, but if you do change your plan mid-year then your annual
deductible and out of pocket limit will reset.

To be eligible for this SEP you must meet both of these criteria:
*Be eligible for an APTC (advanced premium tax credit aka subsidy)
*Have an estimated annual household income at or below 150% FPL.
Additionally, you cannot be eligible for Medicaid or offered affordable employer-
sponsored coverage to qualify for this SEP.

Contact Bush and Associates today to see if you qualify for this new SEP and/or
a different one to get a Health Insurance Plan.

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Are you eligible for a Special Enrollment for Health insurance?

Did you miss Annual Enrollment? You may be eligible for a Special Enrollment. Special Enrollments include having a baby, moving, losing employer insurance, getting married, etc. Get in touch with us today for more information. Our quotes are always FREE, with no obligation. Call us at (828) 754-2601 or Text 828-493-5821. You can send us an email at if you prefer. We’re conveniently located at 916 Wilkesboro Blvd. in the building beside Cars Plus. Don’t delay, get in touch with us today!