Insurance is Essential so We Are Here For You!

If you’re wondering if insurance is considered an essential business in regards to the North Carolina Governor’s mandatory stay at home order from the Governor, yes it is!  Insurance is essential, that’s what we believe and know to be true, so we are here for you!

During this difficult time, we have adopted social distancing measures such as daily cleaning and disinfecting, and rearranging our office space to allow for adequate distance of six feet or more between us and customers.  We are working in the office seeing people by appointment only and only if absolutely necessary.  We are providing curbside service as well as service by phone, fax, mail, email or online.  We can provide quotes the same way:  by phone, mail, email, fax, online or curbside drop off or pick up.

We are remaining available to meet the needs of our customers for both in-force or new policies.  If you’d like a current update from us, just give us a call at (828) 754-2601 or email

We are remaining open for business during this critical time.  If you need to drop by the office, please call us when you arrive and we can arrange “curbside” pick up.  And of course you can do most things you need for your policies by calling or emailing us.

During this period, our in office hours are:  Monday – Thursday:  9am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 4pm; Friday:  9am – 12noon.

Please stay at home as much as possible and stay safe and healthy.


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This post summarizes what we know right now about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease it causes, COVID-19. The information contained in this post may change as the situation changes, or may become obsolete. We will attempt to update if any of this changes substantively. News and social media outlets have fallen short of useful…

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FAQ – Coronavirus

FAQ: Coronavirus
Q: I need to find a doctor or hospital, where can I go? Call the number on your ID card or go online to the insurance company website
Q: I haven’t received my insurance bill, or I need to pay my insurance bill, what do I do? Call the number on your ID card or go online to pay your bill.
Q: I need a Quote for an insurance policy, how can I get one? Please email us at or call (828) 754-2601 and include your Name, Contact Info, Type of Coverage, Age, Smoker or Non-Smoker with your quote request
Q: I need help with a Claims issue, what do I do? Please contact the place where you received the bill or expect to receive a bill and make sure they filed your claim. Next contact your insurance company by phone or online to get your EOB (Explanation of Benefits)
Q: I just have a general question, can you help me? Please email us at or call us at (828) 754-2601 and leave a message
Thanks and be safe and well!
~Bush and Associates

Our In Office Procedures during the Coronavirus

Please note:  We are moving to seeing people in the office by Pre-arranged Appointment only, and only if it is a necessary face to face appointment.  While we are certainly taking extra measures to sanitize and clean the office, unless it’s truly necessary we do not have to have you physically in the office to assist you or provide you with a quote.

We request that if you have any flu-like, cold, respiratory symptoms, etc. to please DO NOT DROP by the office.  Please call us at (828) 754-2601 or send an email to

  • For quotes:  we can give you quotes by Phone, Email, Fax, Mail or Online
  • For service:  we can service your policy by Phone, Email, Fax or Mail
  • For immediate assistance, with Bills, Billing, Claims, Doctors or Hospitals you can see, or Other Pressing Issues: you can always CALL the Customer Service Number on your ID card, or find this same information at your insurance company’s website online


  • Phone:  (828) 754-2601
  • Email:
  • Quotes:

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this trying time.  Please remember to contact your Doctor’s office right away if you are experiencing these symptoms.